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Digital Dissertation Plan of Action! 0

One of the hurdles to jump over at George Mason University before advancing to candidacy is the Presenting of the Prospectus. This document consists of a basic primer to Your Project. This includes such relevant information as the Research Questions, Methodology, and Sources. And less relevant information like a (let's face it, at this point fictional) Chapter Breakdown, and Timeline to Completion. Producing this document can be stressful since all the members of your committee have to approve it Read More

Be Bold!…What to do When Your Prof Blows up Your Prospectus 0

The short answer is, of course, rewrite it. Yet, in my case, the situation posses some interesting questions and issues for the aspiring digital historian. My advisor is a wonderful, smart, intelligent woman who is supportive of my work and ideas. But she is not a digital historian. This is not a bad thing. It is just a fact. But, because I am heavily using digital methodologies in my work, my third committee member is methodologically in tune with my work, but topically as different from me as Read More