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First Roadblock Scraping PDFs from ProQuest Historical Newspapers 3

Part of my dissertation research involves getting a giant corpus of newspaper articles from ProQuest Historical Newspapers. I need the editorial pages and A section from the Washington Post from 1946-1989 and from the Los Angeles Times from 1963-1989. I also need all of Paul Conrad's editorial cartoons from the LA Times for the same years since he was notorious for giving away originals and his archives don't have his complete body of work (unlike Herblock who never gave away an original in his life Read More

Mommy, Where Do Data Sets Come From? 0

One of the big selling points of my dissertation is scale. Other historians and academics have looked at nuclear culture during the Cold War but have focused on discrete time periods, particular media, or certain manifestations of nuclear fear and anxiety. While my project is still only focusing on one particular form of media (in this case newspapers and their editorial cartoons) I am looking at all discourses on nuclear fear and anxiety during the full duration of the Cold War. I plan on accomplishing Read More

When Analog is Sometimes Better & You Can’t Always Trust Search Results 0

Last month I took a research trip to the Huntington Library in San Marino, CA. It was my first "big" research trip. I was there for two weeks to look at a collection that comprised of over 200 boxes. I knew I couldn't get through it all so I prioritized ahead of time what boxes I HAD to get through and what boxes I would LIKE to get through and what boxes could wait until the next trip. I researched the Huntington's rules and regulations and brought all the appropriate tools with me on my trip and Read More