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The Decline of the Editorial Cartoon and Should an Historian Care? 0

Back in April Farhad Manjoo wrote a piece for Slate Magazine entitled, "Editorial Cartoons Are Stale, Simplistic, and Just Not Funny." In his article Manjoo argues that the Pulitzer Prize committee are stuck in an out-moded mentality in its editorial cartoon prize selection mainly because editorial cartoons themselves is "stuck in the static, space-constrained, caricaturist mind-set of newsprint." Manjoo believes that the medium of editorial cartoons themselves are "an increasingly timeworn form Read More

Clio3 Term Project 1

My term-long project is the technical foundation of my primary research for my dissertation, which will be examining political cartoons as either representative/reactionary or causal of society's interaction with nucelar fear and anxiety. I need to build a database (most likely housed in Omeka...sorry if that terminology is incorrect) where I can do complex queries on these single panel cartoons. I'm starting by examining the corpus of Washington Post cartoonist, Herblock, for the years 1960-1974, Read More