Theory Matters in Code…Who Knew? 1

What I learned on Saturday: Just because you are copying code and just changing the variable names does not mean it will work the first time you try because, you: changed the wrong variable, forgot how you named things in your database or forgot to call the function you just wrote in your file, the debates I'm having with controlled vocabulary effect how I code. This last one was interesting for me. I finished creating a generic function for populating my joiner database and once that was done there Read More

Populating Multi-Select Boxes From Your DB Using an All-in-One PHP Form 5

*Author's note: this post has been updated and rewritten as of Nov. 8 based on comments in the comment section. So you have a database that you want to enter information into via a form and you want the form to have a multi-select box that both gets populated from your database and will have the associated data to an entry pre-populated when you edit an entry. It would look something like this in new entry mode: and something like this in 'Edit' mode: This tutorial is designed to teach you three Read More

When You Need to do More than Just Tag: Controlled Vocabulary and Metadata 3

As I'm approaching finishing building my form for my Clio3 project, I'm starting to think ahead to what I need to do when I actually beginĀ using my form to input my meta data. I have four "categories" of meta information beyond the basic cartoon date, caption and artist information. These categories are: character, events, keywords and themes. The first two are relatively easy and straight-forward. Was Uncle Sam depicted in a particular cartoon or not? Was this cartoon referencing the 1960 Election, Read More

Arrays, Foreach, & Explode…Oh My! 1

So since the other cool kids in my class are blogging their progress I thought maybe I should do the same. I figure it would also be a good way to track what I've done, what I have left to do and keep track of some of the places where I found my code. Up until last week I've felt very behind the rest of my classmates. While they were already playing with data sets that already existed (and this does not mean they had it easier than me as Jeri's post can attest to) I had to first figure out how to Read More

The Decline of the Editorial Cartoon and Should an Historian Care? 0

Back in April Farhad Manjoo wrote a piece for Slate Magazine entitled, "Editorial Cartoons Are Stale, Simplistic, and Just Not Funny." In his article Manjoo argues that the Pulitzer Prize committee are stuck in an out-moded mentality in its editorial cartoon prize selection mainly because editorial cartoons themselves is "stuck in the static, space-constrained, caricaturist mind-set of newsprint." Manjoo believes that the medium of editorial cartoons themselves are "an increasingly timeworn form Read More

Clio3 Term Project 1

My term-long project is the technical foundation of my primary research for my dissertation, which will be examining political cartoons as either representative/reactionary or causal of society's interaction with nucelar fear and anxiety. I need to build a database (most likely housed in Omeka...sorry if that terminology is incorrect) where I can do complex queries on these single panel cartoons. I'm starting by examining the corpus of Washington Post cartoonist, Herblock, for the years 1960-1974, Read More