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I don’t have too much to report this week. My work at the CHNM took a bit of precidence over Clio as we just launched our new issue of the Journal of Digital Humanities today and my job is to create the iBook. This is a pretty involved process but it’s really fun. It was also a nice break from coding as it’s very visual and design orientated so it gave the other side of my brain a chance to play a bit. But I did manage to get quite a bit done on my form before I had to switch gears and brains.

View all the Cartoon's Meta Data & Delete It

View all the Cartoon’s Meta Data & Delete It

I was able to get my form fully working in all aspects. Now, I can enter a new cartoon with all the relevant categorical data (characters, keywords, themes, and events). I can edit all the data in a particular cartoon. I can also delete an entire cartoon from the database and the relevant joiner tables. All of this (except the delete function) is done with one file and one form called newform.php and found in my GitHub repository. The delete cartoon information I placed on the viewmeta.php file so that I didn’t have two submit buttons on one form and it was easier to write the SQL statements when I could pull the cartoon ID from the URL.

I do eventually have to clean up the code further to have it be all in MySQLi instead of MySQL but that is a hurdle for another time. Right now, it all works and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I’ve also started entering real cartoon information on my local host that I will import into my real database that I can access online as soon as Ammon shows us today how to put things behind a firewall so the general public can’t mess up my database.

Larger projects for the future are:

  • Format the HTML of the form and viewmeta page to look pretty
  • Create a robust filtering page to start querying the database
  • Add a link to the file of each cartoon so that after I’ve formatted the HTML and built the query form I can see the image of the cartoon in the results of my query along with the text of the metadata

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