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One of the hurdles to jump over at George Mason University before advancing to candidacy is the Presenting of the Prospectus. This document consists of a basic primer to Your Project. This includes such relevant information as the Research Questions, Methodology, and Sources. And less relevant information like a (let’s face it, at this point fictional) Chapter Breakdown, and Timeline to Completion. Producing this document can be stressful since all the members of your committee have to approve it and sometimes they don’t always see your project the same way. Luckily for me, I have a wonderful committee who were amazingly insightful, helpful, and supportive as I struggled this semester to write this piece. But now, it’s written. I’m presenting it to my Colloquium next Monday and I would love to hear thoughts on this from the Twitterstorians, Blogosphere, Digital Peeps, or anyone else who is reading this and thinks that it might be kinda cool. I’ve included a link to the PDF at the bottom.

This project was a long time in the making and it’s gone through quite a few different concepts, scopes and ideas. In the end I’m really excited about where it is and where it’s going. So, let the dissertating begin!


Prospectus – Full Text (PDF)

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